Photographs of Princess Grace and Prince Rainier taken by Howell Conant at Grace’s Fifth Avenue apartment in New York City, 1956. Grace was expecting Princess Caroline at the time and had started collecting items for the baby’s layette.

In the center photos, you can see small glimpses of a dark poodle. One might think this is the beloved Oliver, but apparently it was a new poodle named Canella! (Fun fact: Otto Canella was an ancestor of the Grimaldis. His son, Grimaldo, gave the House of Grimaldi its family name.



“He smelled of soap and toothpaste, which was incredibly sexy. After a late night, he’d lounge around the house in his tailored white pyjamas with navy trim - the only time he allowed himself to be a “slob.” Every day he’d wander out into the garden to pick me a flower. One winter he couldn’t find anything in bloom, so he brought me a twig instead. He’d sing around the house sometimes (but never if anyone else was around), and when he did, I’d know the song was for me. “Night and day, you are the one,” he’d croon as he sat by the pool or wandered into a room just to sing me a line or kiss the back of my neck.”

Barbara Sinatra

Lady Blue Eyes: My Life With Frank Sinatra

Grace Kelly on the set of High Society, 1956.

Grace Kelly aboard the SS Constitution, April 1956.